Information & Communication Technology Project
ICTP aims at supporting the Egyptian Universities in establishing a robust, standards-based infrastructure, including hardware, software, associated applications, intra-, inter-university connectivity, and global connectivity through the Internet, as well as integrating all aspects of these components into coherent and sustainable structure.
ICTP is involved with the following main areas of information and Communication Technology:
Ø  Communication and Technology infrastructure.
Ø  Administrative computing systems (MIS, DSS).
Ø  Portal for Universities
Ø  Integrating technology into teaching and learning.
Ø  Promotion of distributed and e-learning.
Ø  Digital libraries.
Ø  ICT Training.

 ICTP second phase projects




According to the outputs and the outcomes which have been achieved during the project first phase,requirements of the next phase  projects were discussed to be developed by a number of experts in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to be implemented and deployed all over the beneficiary universities . 



 IS projects

  • Infrastructure establishment and enhancement projects for the universities information centers (17 projects).
  • Projects increase universities network access points which has been funded by (MCIT) Ministry of communication and information technology (17 projects). 
  • EUN and Supreme council of universities infrastructure complement project.
  • Information centers enhancement project of Ministry of Higher Education.


MIS projects

  • MIS enhancement and implementation projects for universities and technical colleges.(28 projects).
  • Portal establishment projects for universities and technical universities (30 projects).



E-Learning projects


  • projects to activate the usage of information technology in learning through e-learning (22 Projects).
  • Competitive projects for the production and the dissemination  of e-courses for a number of courses (3 Projects).

EULC projects

  • Projects to continue the establishment of unified index for the universities libraries (21 Projects).
  • Projects for establishing a national digital repository for universities thesis and researches (16 Projects)


ICT projects


Training projects on information technology (22 Projects) .

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