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First phase

During 2004-2008, ICTP was funded from WB loan as a part of Higher Education Enhancement Project. The main achievements of ICTP projects duribg this period are listed below:  



1.    The Infrastructure Enhancement of Information Networks:

In this track the infrastructure of the information networks in the Egyptian universities and technical colleges was enhanced to allow broader faculty and student access to the Internet and added-value applications. 

The work in this track has been organized along three main levels:

  •  Unified Information Network:

Fiber optic network is established between the universities and research institutes in MP LS cloud. The bandwidth of the traffic between the universities is upgraded. The Internet bandwidth for the universities is increased six times. Also, video conference and streaming network is installed in all universities in addition to the EUN and includes 36 video conference nodes.                                                                                                                                                           

  • EUN Data Center:

EUN ( is upgraded to a reliable content delivery network that maintains the quality of value added services as well as the linkage between the Egyptian Universities and the outside world.             

  • Universities Information Networks: 

The internal information network of all the public universities have been upgraded by connecting the faculties network to the universities’ information center, the network nodes is increased and network security and management systems are established.                                                                                   


2.    Management Information System (MIS)


To support the design and the use of modern MIS that integrates all necessary modules at the universities and the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU) levels. The activities of the track are organized along two main sub projects: 

  •  SCU-Level MIS/DSS:

 ICTP built MIS/DSS center in the Supreme Council of Universities ( to develop regular statistical reports that reflects on system performance and utilization, as well as making this data available to the public via SCU portal. 

  • University-Level MIS:

ICTP supervised the development, deployment and operation of MIS for 3 applications: undergraduate student affairs including scheduling and results calculation, post graduate studies affairs, and academic staff affairs for 200 faculties.


3.    E-Learning 


This project targets to provide students with e-courses for raising their scientific level and creating an interaction atmosphere between students and their teachers or among the students themselves without time or place restrictions.


 In this track, ICTP established an e-learning centre in SCU (The National e-Learning Center - NeLC) in addition to e-course production center in each university to develop e-courses. Each University e-Learning Center contains a Manager, at least one Instructional Designer, one Graphic Designer and four Web Developers.


These universities centers are working under the supervision and support of the NeLC (  ) developed some e-learning tools such as Instruction design templates, e-course generator, virtual lab repository, learning style system, and NeLC portal. Until now more than 150 complete e-courses are developed and delivered to the universities students. 


 During the first semester of 2008/2009 academic year, 33 e-courses are delivered to the students where more than 15,000 active users are currently accessing these e-courses. The average number of logs and views per each e-course exceeded 200,000 sessions.

4.    Automated and Digital Libraries


This track targets to establish a union catalog for the libraries holdings in the Egyptian universities and to provide information to the academic community by subscribing the international journals and databases, ICTP worked in this track based on two levels of implementation:


  •     Digital library subscriptions:

ICTP established the Egyptian universities libraries consortium including all the public Egyptian universities and some foreign and private universities in Egypt. Now, the total available electronic resources reached 81,200 (11,400 full text journals, 37,000 abstract journals, 32,000 industry standards, and 800 e-books) covering all fields of knowledge. These subscriptions yielded substantial opportunities for academic, research, and efficiency gains. More than 4 millions searches and 3 millions downloads are executed so far. All these resources are accessed through a federated search portal (

  •    Integrated Library System (ILS): 

building union catalog database of the libraries holdings allows on-line search for these libraries. ICTP funded projects to build this database to enter the data of 100 universities libraries. Now more than 2,400,000 records are indexed and stored in this database. Also, the bibliographic data of more than 200,000 theses are stored in the same database. A national library information system, developed by one of the Egyptian universities, is used in the management of these data (

5.    ICT Training:

This track targets to develop the human resources including all the Academic Staff Members (professors, associate professors, lecturers and teaching assistants) as well as administrations in the Egyptian  universities on using information and communication technology.  ICTP established Central Unit for IT Training (CUITT) as a new unit in the Supreme Council of Universities to be empower the IT training in the 17 governmental universities. The CUITT established ICT training centers in all the Egyptian universities. During the last two years, CUITT trained more than 22,000 trainees from. CUITT established electronic test centre ( to provide on-line exams for trainees inside the universities and is hosted on servers in EUN data center.

Latest News

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